At Wright Rehab, we place great emphasis on recruiting experienced professionals and providing them with further opportunities for training and professional development. This results in better care for our clients, and successful working relationships with the care team. Our full time, experienced coordinators work to develop their teams and share  experiences that will help you, the care worker, in the field with our clients.  Through this effort we can be sure to have the best RTs in the province and you can be part of it. Wright Rehab encourages our associates to take continuing education courses and supports hands on experience. You’ll always feel like you are making progress with us, by participating in ongoing training programs and volunteer work to improve your skills and credentials.  Our team gets broader industry exposure by attending conferences and events.

We support care professionals to get training in the following areas:

Brain Injury Education: This set of programs is valuable to professionals just starting in the field.

Family education: Other than the injured loved one, the family is most affected by the trauma the person is experiencing. We support care workers expanding their understanding of the family trauma.

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