A brain injury or spinal cord trauma is a life-altering event for the patient, their family and friends. At Wright Rehab, we understand the stages people go through as they recover. Our Rehabilitation and Personal Support Workers are trained to deal with the full range of behaviours and emotions and can help you cope with them too. We know that the road to recovery is one of many small steps, and we’ll help you. Following a brain injury, a person may exhibit one or more of these behaviours:

  • Difficulty remembering, general lack of attention, inability to follow instructions
  • Emotional acting out, lack of self-control, sudden rage over small things
  • Discomfort in social situations, frightened of strangers
  • Sadness, grief, crying, feeling of hopelessness, of being a burden to family and friends
  • Constant tiredness, wanting to sleep

Common Recovery Stages

Although the length and outcome of each stage cannot be predicted, recovery follows a common path. You may shift back-and-forth between stages, this type of “two steps forward, one step backward” inconsistency is common and our Support Workers have the expertise to guide you through, so that you continue to make progress.

Stage 1. Reintegration into the Home

Once you have chosen your Rehabilitation Therapist, you will begin the process of reintegrating back into the home and learning to follow familiar routines. We’ll help everyone with getting back to common day-to-day activities by setting goals and working through situations as they come up.

Stage 2. Reintegration into the Community

Our Rehabilitation Therapist will help you re-engage with the community, and get involved with others. Whether it’s getting back to sports, hobbies, clubs or just being in a public setting, we will be there to guide and advise. Along the way, our workers will assist in applying the strategies learned in individual therapy sessions to everyday life experiences. Eventually we will help you with your new goals and make sure you are setup to achieve whatever destination you choose for your journey.


Austan's Story

In 2007, Austan was hit by a car on his way to school, and went through very emotional experiences on his journey to recovery. He worked with Ann, one of Wright Rehab’s trained Rehabilitation Therapists whose focus was on helping Austan get better – and helping his family heal.

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