When an accident happens to a loved one, it is sudden. Your life, as a caregiver, changes too and you may feel overwhelmed by your new responsibilities. We work immediately with you and your loved one to provide day-to-day and rehabilitation assistance. Wright Rehab stands by your side to help navigate a changed reality. Wright Rehab provides safe and multicultural quality care, relief support and a clear recovery action plan for Ontario – based caregivers of brain and spinal injury rehabilitation patients.   We are dedicated to serving all members of our community by accommodating multicultural support and providing services in over 22 languages.

Wright Rehab Provides Answers, Reassurance and Compassion

We take a patient-first, family-oriented approach in connecting you to:

  • Dependable, experienced and reliable professionals that provide guidance, resources, support and an action plan for the rehabilitation of your loved one and;
  • Caregiver support groups, counselling, education or short-term respite care to provide day-to-day relief to you.

Our dedicated coordinators connect you and your loved one to specialized rehabilitation services tailored to our clients needs and help provide individualized, holistic quality care in your home and community.

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Respite Care Associates (RCA) Provide the Caregiver a Break

Get peace of mind from the physical, psychological and mental demands placed on you each day while engaging your loved one in meaningful activities.

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We Give You the Right Educational Tools

Brain injury education is a set of programs valuable to injured loved ones and caregivers.

Family education is a set of courses that helps the family deal with and understand: the brain injury or spinal cord or trauma, the recovery process and the appropriate interventions.

Your Questions Answered

No one is prepared for an accident or the recovery process and it’s natural to have questions.  Here are answers to frequently asked questions by the caregivers that we work with.

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Angela and Jim's Story

In 2007, Austan was hit by a car on his way to school. Austan’s family needed help coping and reassurance that things are getting better. Hear reassurance from Austan’s family who have worked with Wright Rehab. Read Angela’s Letter Read Brenda’s Letter

Learn How Wright Rehab Can Support You and Your Loved One

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