A Behavioural Therapist provides a goal oriented approach to assist with grieving and recovery. A Behaviour Therapist initially focuses on collecting data and facts observed over a period of time with a client.  This discipline allows the therapist to gain a perspective that leads to treatment protocol. Baseline data can be collected by direct observation in natural settings such as the community or within the family home. The assessment process usually involves family members, significant others, and other treatment providers, and can include their observations and perspectives. Skill-based functional alternative or replacement behaviors training are often offered subsequent to the assessment.

Experience and Security

All Wright Rehab workers are interviewed and are subject to detailed reference and police checks.  We check that all associates are in full compliance for certifications, vulnerable sector background checks, peer review, client feedback and are participating in continuing education.

Commitment to Excellence

At Wright Rehab, we are committed to being a best-in-class service provider.  

  • We develop programming for professional development and training.
  • Our team participates in ongoing training programs.  
  • With the guidance of industry veterans and professionals, Wright Rehab staff are continuously working on expanding our knowledge about how to best serve you.


Austan's Story

In 2007, Austan was hit by a car on his way to school, and went through very emotional experiences on his journey to recovery. He worked with Ann, one of Wright Rehab’s trained Rehabilitation Support Workers whose focus was on helping Austan get better – and helping his family heal.

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